Christening Photographer – St Dunstan’s Church and the Ritz in London

Photograph outside Ritz, Mayfair during Christening

Christening Photographer – St Dunstan’s Church and the Ritz in London

The below photography was taken at a London Christening, starting at home in Earls Court and then at St Dunstans Church, Fleet Street and the Ritz Hotel in Mayfair. To see the full website please click here –

Christening Photographer – St Dunstans and the Ritz

Or the ‘innovations’ photographs where PhotoShop treatments and cropping has been applied here –

Christening Photography – ‘Innovations’

Christening Photograph of Baby at Home - Black and White Photograph of Vicar during Christening at St Dunstans Church Fleet Street


Christening Photography Family Photography The Ritz London

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Thank you so much Samantha, The pictures are absolutely wonderful and all the key moments are so beautifully captured! Douglas has done a splendid job, his visual narrative is truly spot on in every respect. When he works he doesn't only use a good camera and frames the shots smartly but he also puts his heart and mind to great use. His sense of humour was much appreciated, too. :-) My only regret is that we couldn't continue inside The Ritz...(and that it has become obvious that the sleepless nights have definitely caught up with me big time!!). Dacian looks like an angel and the photos are remarkably telling of everyone's personality. Please Samantha, thank Douglas for me, the photos made my day. Best wishes, Romana

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