Wedding Photographer in Godalming, Surrey

The below photography was taken in Godalming, Surrey.  The details of the wedding were really beautiful –

Wedding Photographer in Godalming, Surrey

The below images are our favourites where PhotoShop treatments and cropping has been applied –

Wedding Photography – ‘Innovations’ Site

Here is the Jorgensen Wedding album layouts –

Jorgensen Wedding Photograph Album Layouts

Wedding Photograph Bride and Groom with Confetti Surrey

Wedding Photograph Bride and Groom Kissing in Car

Wedding Photograph of Bride and Steel Band

Douglas Fry

Douglas is a London based wedding photographer with over twenty years experience, working throughout the UK and Europe. He enjoys weddings and believes that this passion for contemporary wedding photography is crucial to creating stunning and memorable images, importantly using no flash. He uses top of the range Leica cameras and lenses.
Dear Sam, Thank you so much for sending this through. I LOVE LOVE LOVE our photos. Please thank Douglas for me. We were in a bit of a rush before the church and he must have thought we were chaotic but we were so grateful for everything he did. He has such a lovely way about him and we love how discreet he is yet as the bride I noticed him because it was amazing every time I looked up to find him because I thought oh this would be a lovely photo he was there and was taking it or had done so already! Thanks again Sophie

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