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The team has extensive experience of both photography and video. Douglas has been a London based wedding photographer for over twenty years, working throughout the UK, Europe and the USA. He enjoys weddings and believes that this passion for contemporary wedding photography is crucial to creating stunning and memorable images, importantly, using no flash with fast Leica lenses and cameras.

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RIBA wedding photographer london syon wedding photographer london
The wedding photographs are fantastic...We are thrilled with the results. You worked so unobtrusively that we didn't realise you were even taking the pictures.
Sarah, bride

Discreet photography and video

Douglas and our videographers are always discreet. We believe that it is essential to help organise the formal photographs and complete them in less than 20 minutes, which always brings a sigh of relief from the couple!

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black white wedding photograph london
The day should not be treated as a photoshoot for the photographer; in fact the day should progress in the same vein whether I am there or not.
Douglas, Photographer

Excellent and consistent coverage all day

It is vital when selecting a wedding photographer that you are certain they can take compelling and beautiful images consistently throughout the day and not just cherry pick the one or two ‘award winning’ photographs to try and win you over. With this in mind and in an effort to be as transparent and honest as possible, we have taken the unusual step of making available to view, every wedding photograph Douglas has taken over the last five years.

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gherkin wedding photographer london
Hiring Douglas to cover our wedding was definitely one of the best decisions we made. The pictures he shot are truly superb – we've had so many compliments on the photos for which Douglas deserves real credit.
Jessica, bride

A wide range of venues

The team has covered weddings at locations across the country and abroad, from London hotels, to marquees and stately homes. If you'd like to see photographs at a particular venue then please just visit the blog section and make a quick search.

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London wedding photographer Kew wedding photographer london
Douglas's shots are stylish and beautiful, and really capture the atmosphere of our wedding. We can't recommend Douglas highly enough.
David, groom

Incredible wedding videography

We also offer a wedding video service in exactly the same vein as the photography described above, Adrian is one of the best and most experienced videographers in the UK so please stop by the wedding video section of the website.

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I have been filming videos for 10 years now and prefer to take a fly on the wall approach to capture the most engaging footage of the day.
Adrian, Videographer

Why Use A Professional, Documentary Photographer For Your Wedding?

I shoot weddings in a documentary style, that is with the subject being totally unaware they are being photographed. So simply put yet is in fact a very difficult thing to do, and takes many years of practice. My images have strong composition, correct exposure and can focus precisely so as to isolate the subject from his or her background.

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