No 4 Hamilton Place Wedding in July

No 4 Hamilton Place was the reception venue for Julia and Bastian’s wedding last week. The service itself was held in the majestic Marylebone Parish Church and taxis ferried the guests to the Mayfair venue for a champagne reception on the terrace. The venue is home to the Royal Aeronautical Society and is furnished with amazing paintings of eminent flyers and technicians in the aerospace industry.

The venue organiser had thoughtfully set aside an elegant room for the family portraits and once I had setup my camera and Elinchrom flash to get a nice soft lighting over the groups we were ready to tackle the proposed list. Lighting groups inside with studio flash is a great way to achieve consistent lighting, as sometimes when outside by necessity the lighting can vary as the sun appears and retreats behind clouds, not the end of the world but its a much more efficient process when indoors. We got through all the groups with the help of Julia’s feisty sister Valeria …Guys always offer to help but Valeria didn’t take ‘not yet’ or ‘I’ll be there in a minute’ for an answer and collected groups together while I was photographing the previous set – it was like a well oiled machine.

Dinner was served after Julia and Bastian entered the room to great applause, there were a number of good pithy speeches..Once complete the cake was cut, first dance demonstrated, the dance floor was filled courtesy of John Dullaghan of Mighty Fine Entertainment

Bride outside Church in Marylebone Bride and groom during wedding ceremony in Marylebone Bride and groom leaving church with confetti in London Couple leaving the church by car Bride on stairs at No4 Hamilton Place Black and white photograph of couples friends during wedding reception Couple dancing at No 4 Hamilton PLace in London


No 4 Hamilton Place
Dear Sam, Many thanks - we love the photos and we think Douglas captured the day brilliantly. We have just got back from honeymoon, so re-entering reality! - Bride

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