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I have chosen a few photographs from recent shoots, which caught my eye.
Some of the images have had Photoshop processes applied to them just for fun, you can see the originals by clicking on the links below each entry. These include weddings, family portrait photography and other special occasions. I hope you like them.

Wedding Photographer Ognisko and St Columbas Church in London

Wedding Photograph of couple in Church

Wedding Photographer Ognisko

London wedding taking place during a viral outbreak is going to done with great humour, a lot of emotion, glamour and frequent handwashing. The Ushers handed out neat phials of spray handwash with every order of service…

Harriette got ready at the elegant Egerton Garden Hotel in Knightsbridge, various friends and relatives came and went to check on the state of preparedness which happily gave me plenty of opportunity as the wedding photographer, especially to take photographs of the two cheeky young bridesmaids.

The Groom and his Ushers were having a more raucous lunch at Harry’s Dolce Vita in nearby Basil Street. The private dining room downstairs was a good choice with a large round table which makes for a very social setting, a cosy space as an estate agent might say, but I got a photograph of the whole table with the 21mm wide angle lens held high over my head, along with the typical documentary portraits in available light.

St Columbas Church is just a moments stroll round the corner, and the guests were greeted by Ushers elbows out for the new social alternative for hand shaking, which in a way made for a much more fun entrance to the church.  Guests once equipped with the service card and hand spray made their way through a large canopy of flowers and upstairs to the large Scottish Church. The service was charming and had excellent readings especially from a very confident Iris, Charlie’s 13 year old daughter. We managed to get some of the family photographs done at the church for older members of the bridal party who sensibly shouldn’t go on the the wedding reception for health reasons, and then made our way over to Ognisko, the Polish Hearth Club on Exhibition Road.

Ognisko was the venue choice for our wedding too so it was great to re visit after so many years. It was originally a building for rest and recuperation for Polish airmen during the second world war, and has lots of memorabilia on all the walls. The drinks reception was downstairs, a quick photograph of everyone on the stairs, then up to the wedding breakfast. I had a few minutes to get portraits of the couple on the balcony and then I went back into documentary mode and capture guests enjoying the food and company.

Despite the current climate, the wedding was great fun and everyone enjoyed it immensely, and managed to forget the trials of the days ahead for a while.

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Couple exchanging vows in London churchTears of happiness from the grooms childrenWedding couple pose for the camera while the guests settle for the wedding breakfastThe wedding couple pose for some portraits in the foyer of the churchThe grooms son and guest pose for a portrait togetherMother of the groom enjoys a toast during the speechesThe bride and a friend from school share a fun memory with the guestsThe wedding couple enjoying the speechesTwo guests posing for a fun photograph on the balconyThe first dance photograph of the couple before the guests join inGuests shower the couple with confetti as they leave the churchwedding couple pausing for photography outside Ognisko in London with the fabulous Bentley carWedding couple pose for the camera while the guests settle for the wedding breakfastPortrait of newly married couple at Ognisko in Londonphotograph of the Wedding couple after signing the Registers
These are WONDERFUL - thank you!! And we cant wait to receive the album! - Bride
Hello Sam, Thank you so much for forwarding the gorgeous images from Harriette and Charlies wedding. It really is lovely to see images of the day. With thanks and very best wishes Juliet, Florist

Wedding Photographer London Sites and Tower Bridge

Bride and groom photographed in front of London Mural

Wedding Photographer London Sites

Wednesday’s wedding was actually an elopement for Katherine and Paul from North Carolina.  The couple wanted to experience as many London sites as possible after their wedding ceremony and photography at Tower Bridge.

I met them at their apartment in Mayfair and from there we took a Blue Badge Cab to Tower Bridge, then to the North Tower, half way up the are private rooms available.  It was at Tower Bridge that one of the couple’s friends, Hughston read a blessing, then the couple exchanged vows and  celebrated with champagne. We took the lift up to the main gantry walkways and took some fun wedding portraits among all the surprised tourists.

From the City the excellent Blue Badge taxi driver took the couple and I on a whirlwind tour of London. Bryan our guide made the day a genuinely fascinating experience by pointing out and explaining the extraordinary little known history behind all of the London land marks we passed or visited over the course of the day.  We managed to fit in visiting Tower Bridge, the South Bank, Shakespeare’s Globe, St Paul’s Cathedral, The Millennium Bridge, Chinatown and the West End.

Kat and Paul were the most friendly couple and the wedding day was a joy to photograph. I needed to travel light that day so for each mini shoot I used two Leica cameras, with three lenses only, keeping the spare one in a pocket. It meant I could run ahead, scout a location, come back to meet the couple frame the image without being encumbered with my usual kit.

To see all the images taken on the day please visit this site – Wedding Photography London Sites

Wedding couple caught in sunshine on the Millenium Bridge on London's South Bank

wedding couple pause for portraits on Tower Bridge, London before going in for service

wedding photography of couple outside Horse Guards parade Portraits of the wedding couple posing on the Millennium Bridge Wedding couple pose next to Shakespeare's Globe on London's South Bank Wedding couple pose next to the boy with dolphin statue next to Tower Bridge Sunny backlit wedding portraits of the wedding couple taken in Chinatown in London Portrait of wedding couple in Chinatown - London Couple pose for a wedding photograph at Piccadilly Station to include the statue of Eros wedding couple posing on the stairs of The Landmark hotel in London wedding couple photographed during their exchange of vows in Tower Bridge North Tower


Hi Sam, We were sorry we didn't get a chance to meet you. We all really enjoyed meeting Douglas. We laughed all day. I expressed to my family who lives in the UK what a great experience we had and recommended him to them if there was ever a need. - Bride

Wedding Photographer Chelsea Town Hall & Hixter in London – Rebecca & Greg

Bride and groom during wedding ceremony at Chelsea Register Office

Wedding Photographer Chelsea Town Hall & Hixter

I was the wedding photographer at Chelsea Town Hall last Saturday for Rebecca and Greg.  I took the ‘getting ready’ photographs of the bride at her flat in Clapham before heading over by taxi to Chelsea Register Office on King’s Road. This is a well known and fashionable venue to get married, made famous by the many celebrities who have tied the knot here.

Once the family photographs had been taken on the main steps to the Town Hall the couple and I went for a walk around Chelsea.  The little streets near Chelsea Green afford some interesting backdrops with the small lanes and colourful houses. After these portraits we strolled over to the waiting wedding taxi (thoughtfully upgraded by Dora – a Bridesmaid) at the Phene Arms across the Kings Road.

A short journey later brought us to Hixter, a new restaurant in Bankside and a private room set aside for the wedding party. The food was sumptuous and visually spectacular. The main event was roast chicken cooked upside down with the longest legs I have ever seen, something of a trademark at the restaurant I understand – Swainson House Farm chicken with stuffing, chips and rich gravy.

I shoot the reception and wedding breakfast with available light, despite the remarkably low light levels in the venue, with a Leica Noctilux I can shoot all evening without any off-putting flash. It makes for much more spontaneous photographs as the first shot taken with a flash gives the game away and subjects immediately look awkward, but by using a very fast lens, I can achieve much stronger discreet images and the everyone is happier all round.

Contact us for more information.

Bride and groom kisssing at end of wedding ceremony Wedding photograph on steps of Chelsea Register Office after ceremony with confetti and friends and family couple photographed in Chelsea streets as romantic wedding photographs Couple phootgraphed on wedding day walking along Chelsea street Wedding Photograph at Hixter of Groom eating dinner at wedding reception Guests enjoying wedding at Hixter restaurant Famous Hixter chicken being served at wedding in London Wedding first dance photographed at Hixter in London


Hi Sam, Thanks for these - were in Mexico atm and our WiFi isn’t good enough to actually download the photos....! But we’re back next week into better WiFi so will be able to look properly through them - family have said they’re brilliant though so thanks :) Many thanks again to Douglas for the excellent photos, which we’ve now had the chance to look at properly! - Bride and Groom
Hi Samantha, Douglas and team, I want to thank Douglas for his beautiful photography on my sister's wedding day - the photos are absolutely stunning and it was great to share the day with Douglas too. He was easygoing, warm and funny and I thoroughly enjoyed chatting with him! - Sister of the Bride

Birthday Party Photography Bluebird Chelsea on King’s Road

Here you can see the birthday party photography of a fun evening for this 60th Birthday party. The guests were treated to drinks, bowl food and speeches on the ground floor of the Bluebird on Kings Road in London, before dancing the night away.

You can see some of the photography from the evening below –

Birthday Part at the Bluebird Champagne being served at the Bluebird during a Birthday party Photography of Bluebird ready for birthday party

Wedding Photographer at Chelsea Register Office, King’s Road and Daphnes

Wedding party photographed on the steps of Chelsesa Town Hall with confetti by Chelsea wedding photographerWedding Photographer with Reception at Daphnes

A fun wedding last weekend for Brian and Oliver at Chelsea Register Office on Kings Road and then a few photographs on the steps of the Town Hall before walking around the Chelsea Green streets capturing a few shots. Then on to lunch at Daphnes in Draycott Avenue.   I always enjoy being the wedding photographer at Chelsea weddings as I know the area so well and the office is near by.

Couple photographed in Chelsea streets

Couple photographed with fun murial behind

Chelsea wedding photography in Daphnes Lunch at Daphnes - photography of guests    Exterior of Daphnes in Chelsea Photograph of Daphnes in lunch Chelesea wedding photographer

Dearest Douglas & Sam, We really don't know how to thank you enough. Thank you, thak you, thank you very much for your wonderful and marvellous work. You didn't miss a single moment! You caught everyone's smiles!! All photos are absolutely fantastic!!! We got emotional again looking at them! These are turning out to be a fantastic memory. Douglas & Sam, if we haven't had you, we wouldn't have had a successful wedding. We were so lucky to have met you. Thank you very much again. Have a lovely day!! Dai & Marcus xxx

Family Photographer London – A Recent Photography Session

Family photographer London - group shot

Family Photographer London

Here are a few favourites from a family photo shoot taken in London last weekend …The main consideration in these sessions with small children is ‘speed’ . Speed to be able to capture a fleeting smile from either the parent or the child, ideally both at the same time…and ‘patience’ to be ready and poised, OK now thats TWO elements.

I’m usually lying on the floor with an apparently inconsolable baby who suddenly flips to smiles in a fraction of a second. Therefore manual focusing and exposure make life much easier as the variables are minimised and there is less left to chance. Often too the perfect family photograph rely on speed, patience and distraction, thats THREE things into the family photography mix. So before this post turns into a Monty Python script, in summary to be a successful family photographer you have to be ready for anything and everything and consider lying on the floor.

Mother and baby photographer

Baby Photographer - on a rug

Smiling photograph of mother and baby in London


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