Wedding Videography

A wedding video allows you to relive the day, which flies by so quickly, to watch and listen to whole phases of the day. To hear the chatter of guests as they arrive at the church, the exchange of vows and recessional music, the reception, the speeches and the first dance. The moving image is an immensely engaging medium to show friends and family for years to come.

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"I have been filming videos for 10 years now and prefer to take a fly on the wall approach to capture the most engaging footage of the wedding day."

Adrian, Wedding Videographer

Experienced videographers and editors

Our team has filmed and edited weddings and special events in locations in London and across the world. The videographers have an excellent eye for detail and understanding of client needs and like Douglas on the photography side, use available light for the video to preserve the natural look without spoiling the atmosphere with a glaring video spotlight. It is possible with this method to capture on video whole scenes without the guests being aware of our presence.

Team work for excellent results

Douglas and our videographers work as a team to ensure that you receive the best, most compelling and comprehensive coverage of your day, with still photographs and moving wedding video coverage.

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"The new camera's low light capabilities are astonishing, which means we no longer need to use big lights and we can be far more creative with the images we film."

Adrian, Videographer

Professional Cameras for true to life colours

Using the latest cameras and equipment our videographers produce videos which are watched time and time again. The key is high quality footage coupled with CD quality audio and excellent editing. Only when all these elements come together do you get a timeless video record.


Adrian shoots wedding videos on the Canon 1DX II professional cameras using the similar fast lenses as for the photography, which give the video a beautiful cinematic look, unachievable with standard video cameras. The new cameras are small and very unobtrusive and so the wedding videographer can be discreet, melting into the background.