Wedding Photographer London Sites and Tower Bridge

Bride and groom photographed in front of London Mural

Wedding Photographer London Sites

Wednesday’s wedding was actually an elopement for Katherine and Paul from North Carolina.  The couple wanted to experience as many London sites as possible after their wedding ceremony and photography at Tower Bridge.

I met them at their apartment in Mayfair and from there we took a Blue Badge Cab to Tower Bridge, then to the North Tower, half way up the are private rooms available.  It was at Tower Bridge that one of the couple’s friends, Hughston read a blessing, then the couple exchanged vows and  celebrated with champagne. We took the lift up to the main gantry walkways and took some fun wedding portraits among all the surprised tourists.

From the City the excellent Blue Badge taxi driver took the couple and I on a whirlwind tour of London. Bryan our guide made the day a genuinely fascinating experience by pointing out and explaining the extraordinary little known history behind all of the London land marks we passed or visited over the course of the day.  We managed to fit in visiting Tower Bridge, the South Bank, Shakespeare’s Globe, St Paul’s Cathedral, The Millennium Bridge, Chinatown and the West End.

Kat and Paul were the most friendly couple and the wedding day was a joy to photograph. I needed to travel light that day so for each mini shoot I used two Leica cameras, with three lenses only, keeping the spare one in a pocket. It meant I could run ahead, scout a location, come back to meet the couple frame the image without being encumbered with my usual kit.

To see all the images taken on the day please visit this site – Wedding Photography London Sites

Wedding couple caught in sunshine on the Millenium Bridge on London's South Bank

wedding couple pause for portraits on Tower Bridge, London before going in for service

wedding photography of couple outside Horse Guards parade Portraits of the wedding couple posing on the Millennium Bridge Wedding couple pose next to Shakespeare's Globe on London's South Bank Wedding couple pose next to the boy with dolphin statue next to Tower Bridge Sunny backlit wedding portraits of the wedding couple taken in Chinatown in London Portrait of wedding couple in Chinatown - London Couple pose for a wedding photograph at Piccadilly Station to include the statue of Eros wedding couple posing on the stairs of The Landmark hotel in London wedding couple photographed during their exchange of vows in Tower Bridge North Tower


Hi Sam, We were sorry we didn't get a chance to meet you. We all really enjoyed meeting Douglas. We laughed all day. I expressed to my family who lives in the UK what a great experience we had and recommended him to them if there was ever a need. - Bride

Birthday Party Photography Bluebird Chelsea on King’s Road

Here you can see the birthday party photography of a fun evening for this 60th Birthday party. The guests were treated to drinks, bowl food and speeches on the ground floor of the Bluebird on Kings Road in London, before dancing the night away.

You can see some of the photography from the evening below –

Birthday Part at the Bluebird Champagne being served at the Bluebird during a Birthday party Photography of Bluebird ready for birthday party

Family Photographer London – A Recent Photography Session

Family photographer London - group shot

Family Photographer London

Here are a few favourites from a family photo shoot taken in London last weekend …The main consideration in these sessions with small children is ‘speed’ . Speed to be able to capture a fleeting smile from either the parent or the child, ideally both at the same time…and ‘patience’ to be ready and poised, OK now thats TWO elements.

I’m usually lying on the floor with an apparently inconsolable baby who suddenly flips to smiles in a fraction of a second. Therefore manual focusing and exposure make life much easier as the variables are minimised and there is less left to chance. Often too the perfect family photograph rely on speed, patience and distraction, thats THREE things into the family photography mix. So before this post turns into a Monty Python script, in summary to be a successful family photographer you have to be ready for anything and everything and consider lying on the floor.

Mother and baby photographer

Baby Photographer - on a rug

Smiling photograph of mother and baby in London


Photography of 50th Birthday Party Near Oxford

A fun St Trinians themed 50th Birthday party near Oxford, with pole dancing thrown in!
To see the full website please click here – Birthday Party Photography
or a few of our favourite shots are below.

Guests at St Trinians Birthday party
Guest dancing with pole at Birthday party
Photography of 50th Birthday Party Near Oxford 1
 Guest dancing at party
 fun fancy dress party photograph
Dancing guest at party
Guests enjoying party
Birthday girl enjoying her party
Fancy dress birthday party photograph
Photograph of pole dancing at party

80th Birthday Party – Video and Photography in Sussex

Below you can view the highlight’s video of Anita’s 80th Birthday party in Sussex –

and here are a few of the photographs taken on the evening –

Party Photography in Sussex - the marquee 80th Birthday cake and guests Brother of the birthday girl Guests greeting the hostess at Birthday Party Guests at table during dinner in Sussex Birthday girl and her grandson at 80th party Guests listening and laughing at speeches in marquee Guests dancing on dance floor at party

Anita was delighted with her Photobook of party images. Click the image below to see the full book –
Party Photobook cover

Bat Mitzvah Photography in London

A couple of fun photographs from last weekend’s Bat Mitvah in London –

Bat Mitzvah - the dancing - black and white photograph

Dad dancing at Bat Mitzvah Brother at Londn Bat Mitzvah

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