Wedding Photographed at Eton Chapel and Dorney Court in Windsor

The lovely setting of Eton College was the venue for Beth and Owain’s wedding this week, and true to form the torrential rain of the preceding days gave way to sunshine on the morning itself.

The Chapel at the College is stunning as you might expect and everyone enjoyed the service. The graffiti did catch my eye around the buildings, boys still scratch their name on the walls as they did in the 17, 18 and 1900’s its just that the font used has certainly changed…inscribing your name and date in Times New Roman is something you don’t see much of these days.

Once the formal photographs were completed on the Chapel steps we all took the short journey to Dorney Court, a country house set in the countryside nearby with a marquee on the lawn. A very nice addition was a brass band for a musical backdrop and they even played a piece especially commissioned for the happy couple to enjoy.

The wedding breakfast was followed by cake cutting and dancing.

To see all the wedding photographs taken on the day please visit – Full Website -Eton Chapel and Dorney Court, or the best from the day are here – Best Photographs – Eton Chapel and Dorney Court.
Wedding Photography
Wedding Photography
Wedding Photography
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Dorney Court Windsor Eton Chapel
Dear Sam, Sorry for being slow to acknowledge this - we managed to both become ill the day we flew out to Mauritius, and are only just recovering our strength now! The pictures are wonderful - better than we could possibly have imagined, and we have already had great happiness in flicking through them for the first time. We can't say how happy we are! We'll write properly to Douglas when we get back, of course. Thanks Owain and Beth

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