View 2018 Best Wedding Photographs Showreel by Douglas Fry

The Best Photographs by Douglas Fry taken in 2018

We thought you would like to see an overview showreel of the best wedding photographs from 2018 taken by Douglas Fry Wedding Photographer. Sit back and enjoy the film – we suggest at full size using the enlarger button in the bottom right hand corner of the video.

Choosing the wedding photographs to include in the short video at the end of the year is always challenging since there are such a vairety of different weddings and venues over the course of a year.  Hopefully the above slideshow gives you a good overview and a sense of the style that Douglas’s reportage photography takes. He uses no flash so as not to distract the couple, family or guests, and his use of top quality Leica Cameras makes for beautiful saturated colours and final images.

To get a more indepth view of Douglas’s weddings and see client’s full wedding websites please visit the Complete Weddings page on the website.


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We cannot speak highly enough of Douglas. We got married in January so the majority of our wedding was after dark and Douglas didn't use a flash once - which was one of the main reasons we chose him. His documentary style photography is EXACTLY what we wanted, he captured the day exactly how it was and for the beauty it delivered. He got the glow of the candles and the warmth of the day and private moments that we didn't even know happened.We knew as soon as we met him that he was the right photographer for us, he is a person who is passionate about taking photos and that shines through in his work and him as a person. - 2018 Bride

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