Christmas Present – Family Photography in Bushy Park, Hampton

A lovely November day for the Fawcett family photography in Bushy Park, London –

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Douglas Fry

Douglas Fry

Douglas is a London based wedding photographer with over twenty years experience, working throughout the UK and Europe. He enjoys weddings and believes that this passion for contemporary wedding photography is crucial to creating stunning and memorable images, importantly using no flash. He uses top of the range Leica cameras and lenses.
Douglas Fry
Hi Samantha, The pictures Douglas took of the Fawcetts are great. Since both of their boys are in constant motion, it can’t have been easy to capture their photos! I know that Robin and Richard are pleased with the results. I’m actually flying to London tomorrow night for a two week visit with the family Fawcett. Thanks, Ruth Guthrie
Dear Sam, We all loved the photos of Robin, Richard, Henry and James that Douglas took. He really captured their respective personalities. There were so many good choices! I’m looking forward very much to seeing the completed photos! Thanks so much - Best regards, Ruth

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