Laura and Andy’s Wedding Photographed at Soho Hotel and the Union Club

Wedding Photography in Soho - London - The couple together

Laura and Andy’s Wedding Photographed at Soho Hotel and the Union Club

Laura and Andy’s wedding preparations took place at the hidden gem – the Soho Hotel and then on to the ceremony and reception which were held at the Union Club in Greek Street a short walk away or in this case an even shorter cab ride away!

Soho streets

The nearby narrow streets of Soho with cafes, graffiti, and offbeat characters (who photobombed the family photographs) made a fantastic and trendy backdrop for photography of the couple once the formal photographs were all completed.

The Union Club

The colourful and eclectic Union Club is a great wedding venue, now 270 years old no less, it is filled with mis-matched pictures and furniture which definitely adds to its Soho charm. The guests enjoyed smoked salmon followed by lamb cutlets – and wedding cake of course.

The evening party was kicked off with Andy (the Groom) as lead singer and electric guitar with the band (The London Riots) to much applause.

Couple at Soho Hotel in black and white Bride and Groom in Taxi on way to Union Club in Soho Bride and groom during wedding ceremony at Union Club Exchanging vows during ceremony at Union Club Photograph of wedding ceremony in London black and white photograph of bride and groom in London street in front of cafe Couple kissing in front of London mural / graffiti Bride and groom kissing on staircase in Union Club Groom making wedding breakfast speach Bride and groom kissing during dancing phase of the day


Wedding Featured on Confetti’s Website

Laura and Andy’s wedding was chosen by Confetti to be covered as a ‘Real Wedding’ story

Screen grab showing Confetti article on their website





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Hello! Oh my God we love the photographs!!!! Huge thank you to Douglas he has done an amazing job.We are back tonight. Rome is beautiful, we have taken our wedding clothes and done our own photo shoot here with a selfie stick!!Thank you Laura xx

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