New Sony A7ii Cameras for 2015

New Sony Cameras for Top Quality Wedding Photography

For the last few weeks we have been trialling the new Sony A7ii cameras coupled with Zeiss and Leica optics, and have found that not only are they smaller, lighter and offer higher resolution, they have image stabilisation on all lenses, so shooting in darker rooms is a breeze.

The lenses too offer incredible focussing accuracy, so after a long and fruitful career, the Canon 1DX cameras and all lenses are to be retired. Not that the Canon cameras have any issues, they are still the flagship camera from that marque after-all but a 2010 camera and associated technology cant keep up with something from 2014 in terms of pure image quality. So we now have lenses that range from the ultrawide 15mm Voigtlander through to the 90mm Leica Summicron F2 APO, arguably the sharpest portrait lens ever made, and beyond up to the 300mm F2.8 for a very long reach.


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Over the last few weeks we have been blown away by the crystal clarity of the images coming from the Sonys in all light levels and look forward to shooting many weddings with them. Douglas - Photographer

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