Wedding Photographer at Claridges Hotel, London for Sarah and Seyoan

wedding photograph of couple dancing at claridges

Wedding Photographer at Claridges Hotel

Douglas was the wedding photographer at Claridges Hotel. The day was a very happy event and accompanied by Indian touches like the wonderful wedding car. I particularly liked the wedding cake with its perfect figurines on top – copies of the bride and groom.

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Black and white photograph of couple at claridges kiss wedding photograph in London couple photographed together wedding cake photograph London car wedding photograph Indian wedding car leaving claridges at end of wedding


Claridges Hotel
Douglas is a great modern wedding photographer. His photos provoke jealousy from people who have used more traditional photographers.Douglas shot our wedding in 2005, as well as many of our friends, and his reportage style is perfect for capturing the ambience and the excitement of the occasion. Too many wedding photographs can look stilted,boring and the same-Douglas manages to capture the energy and the atmosphere whilst still keeping a romantic charm. Seyoan

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