Wedding Photographed in Crondall, Hampshire and Godalming in Surrey

Wedding Photograph Surrey - Reception

Wedding Photographed in Crondall, Hampshire and Godalming in Surrey

Our wedding venue this week was the picturesque village of Crondall in Hampshire, I met up with Sam and his ushers in The Plume of Feathers to capture the groom with his last pint of beer as a single man! All the last minute checks and preparations were made, button holes secured, orders of service delivered and lunch devoured. I left Chris, our celebrated video guy to his establishing shots and met up with Felicity at her mother’s home nearby, after a few considerations over the placement of the veil it was time for sip of champagne, on with the shoes and ready for the church.

The church,  ‘All Saints’ at Crondall filled up quickly before the service at 2.30pm. Luckily for me there is a long path from the gate to the entrance to the building so I had the chance to capture Felicity with her father and the attending Bridesmaids several times as the made their way to the porch for the final adjustments .

After a few formal photographs everyone made their way to Shackleford and the marquee on the lawn. The marquee had been well planned in that elements of the garden were incorporated into the reception but within the tented area, such as clusters of flowers or small trees which adds charm to the venue.

The speeches were before the wedding breakfast and included a genuinely funny potted history of Sam’s life from the Best Man and a moving speech from Caroline and Emily. Lastly after a dramatic reveal, the band struck up and Sam and Felicity could dance together for the first time as man and wife.I would like to thank them for ensuring that Chris and I were well fed and watered and hope they really enjoy their Honeymoon.

Wedding in Crondall, Hampshire and Godalming

Wedding Photograph Surrey Wedding Photograph Surrey - Church, Crondall


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