Wedding Photographer for Rosie & Mark at Sherborne Abbey, Dorset

Douglas was wedding photographer for Rosie and Mark their service was at Sherborne Abbey in Dorset.  Rosie arrived by horse drawn carriage at the Abbey and the couple arrived by helicopter for the reception at Templecombe in Somerset.  The weather was fabulous for the day and there was an aerobatic display during the afternoon, and touching speeches.

Wedding photograph in black and white of Rosie entering Sherborne Abbey, Dorset

Wedding photograph in black and white of Rosie and Mark in Sherborne Abbey after the service

Wedding photograph of Rosie and Mark getting out of helicopter at the reception in Somerset

Douglas Fry

Douglas Fry

Douglas is a London based wedding photographer with over twenty years experience, working throughout the UK and Europe. He enjoys weddings and believes that this passion for contemporary wedding photography is crucial to creating stunning and memorable images, importantly using no flash. He uses top of the range Leica cameras and lenses.
Douglas Fry
Dear Sam and Douglas, Thank you so much for this and for all your work. The photos are really beyond wonderful - you even managed to catch some of my Dad smiling, a rare event on camera at least! Douglas, thank you for putting up with last minute changes to your brief to account for lost time (we had to be at the helicopter by a certain time despite the bride's late arrival...) and for coping admirably with stray aunts blocking your photos. We are both absolutely delighted with the end result and are so grateful for your entirely unobtrusive way of working. Very best wishes and thanks once again, Mark and Rosie

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