Wedding Photography is for Life

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Wedding Photography is for Life

Wedding photography to be given a bad rap

There is a tendency for wedding photography to be given a bad rap, always playing a distant second in terms of street credibility to the fashion photographer, or the war photojournalist.

Photographs of your family

This is a shame as it is completely incorrect. When your house is in flames and you need to grab one or two things for posterity, its not last month’s edition of Vogue, or a faded copy of National Geographic, but photographs of your family. Photographs taken during one of the most significant days of your life will have far more longevity and impact on your own life than any other genre, by miles in fact.

One simple photograph can cast your mind back instantly to that day you were married, a wedding album can make you recall all those friends and family that over the years have influenced you, helped you, loved you and made you the person you are today. Therefore think long and hard about who and how your wedding should be photographed and don’t whatever you do leave it to guests with an iPhone or similar, thinking ‘it’ll be fine’ they will stop when they get distracted, drunk or stuck in the 2nd aisle from the back with no view of the couple.

Your wedding photographer

Always employ someone who is enthusiastic, experienced and someone you get along with, after all after your fiancé you will be with no other person that day as frequently! Make sure you see several compete weddings from the photographer, not just cherry picking 3 or 4 good ones that look great, anyone can do that with a modern camera. The ability to produce 500 great shots is definitely what you need, that and the sixth sense to anticipate scenes before they happen, to be standing in the correct place beforehand, not just reacting to a scene in front of you, its always too late then for the best shots. Luck always favours those who are prepared.

The wedding album should be something that is looked upon with fond memories and produce a smile every time its opened, even if it was rescued a little singed around the edges.


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The ability to produce 500 great shots is definitely what you need - Douglas Fry, Photographer

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