Wedding Dinner at The Mandarin Oriental with Getting Ready Photography Before at Claridges Hotel

Here are a few of the photographs taken during the wedding dinner celebrations at The Mandarin Oriental Hotel in London. The couple got ready before hand at Claridges Hotel –

Wedding couple photographed at Claridges Hotel in London Couple on stairs in Claridges Hotel - Colour photograph Front door of Claridge's Hotel with couple pictured Bride sitting in restaurant in Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Knightsbridge Mandarin Oriental Hotel, London bar Cocktails at Bar in Mandarin Oriental Hotel Roseberry Restaurant in Mandarin Oriental ready for dinner

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Photography at the Mandarin Oriental in London

Photography recently of of a Jewish naming ceremony celebration at the Mandarin Oriental in London, here are a small selection of the images’s showing the venue, canopes and flowers –

Family Photography Family Photography Family Photography Family Photography Family Photography

Saturday’s Wedding at the Mandarin Oriental in Knightsbridge, London

Saturday took me to the elegant Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Knightsbridge to photograph the wedding celebration of Richard and Oriane. Oriane’s wedding preparations and dress selections were on the rail as I came in, 4 no less, complete changes of clothing, all of the dresses were incredible in their own right. The wedding dress and make up complete we all went to Clapham, to their Church for the ceremony. The service was conducted by the effervescent vicar The Revd Ruth Burge-Thomas who kindly showed me the not so obvious stone staircase up to the minstrels gallery for a better view during the hymns.

Afterwards everyone boarded the classic red London RM28 buses back to the Mandarin Hotel.  The couple and I however went directly to the Rose Garden in Hyde Park for a few photographs before the guests arrived.

In the all too unusual sunny weather, everyone enjoyed the champagne and canapés on the terrace, before being called to dinner. Each sumptuous course was interspersed with an elegant change of clothing for Richard and Oriane with a suitable grand entrance…

The DJ read the mood of the guests well and kept the dance floor busy till the early hours….I enjoyed the wedding and wish them well on their Honeymoon.

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Mandarin Wedding Photograph Wedding Photography Wedding Photography Wedding Photography Wedding Photography Wedding Photography Wedding Photography

Mandarin Oriental – April Wedding

Sunny weather for last weekend’s wedding at the Mandarin Oriental on Knightsbridge, London …

Bride Getting ready at Mandarin Oriental

Wedding  Ceremony at Manadarin

Wedding Photograph at Mandarin Oriental - Bride and Groom

Wedding Photograph - Singing Register at Mandarin

Wedding Photograph at Mandarin of Guests in Garden

Wedding Photograph Speeches at Mandarin

Dear Sam, The photographs look wonderful. Thank you - bride

Fantastic Sunshine for Thursday’s Wedding at the Mandarin Oriental, London

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Wedding Photographer Mandarin Oriental Wedding Photography Wedding Photography Wedding Photography

Thanks Samantha, Great photos. Best Regards, Toby
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