Wedding at Highclere Castle, Newbury in 2007

Highclere Castle, Newbury - Wedding Photography of couple in black and white Night view of Highclere Castle during wedding reception

We were recently asked by one of the wedding organisers  we work with to look back at the photographs Douglas took in 2007 of a beautiful wedding at Highclere Castle in Newbury.  It made me think that it would be fun to share a very small selection from the day in a showreel –

Magazine Feature – You and Your Wedding Magazine

Elaine and Scott’s wedding appeared as a real wedding feature in You and Your Wedding Magazine –

Real Wedding at Highclere Castle

Highclere Castle wedding photographs by Douglas Fry appearing in magazine feature

Wedding Thank You Card Tips and Ideas

Thank you card photograph of bride and groom with sign Couple at reception with thank you signOne question we do get asked regularly is how to tackle the knotty issue of Thank You card photos, do they have to be a separate shoot or can they be incorporated within a typical wedding day?

I suggest getting a fun shot taken away from the madding crowd on the day itself so the image will be a surprise, it only takes a few minutes if a suitable placard can be prepared in advance and it seems more considered than ‘just’ a favourite wedding picture selected from the day. It is a simple effective solution! please let me know what you think….

Photograph of bride and groom in field - country wedding with thank you sign

Thank you photograph for cards

Wedding Thank You Card Photograph - Christmas wedding

Thank you Photograph - Wedding in countryside

Wedding Photograph - couple with thank you sign for cardsWedding Photograph of couple holding thank you sign

... a fun shot taken away from the madding crowd on the day itself - Douglas, Photographer

Unplugged Weddings – Leaving the Cameras at Home

Guest with Camera at Wedding

If a guest at your wedding is a photographer, or is a very keen amateur and offers to bring their camera kit along to ‘help out and give the couple some free images’, can I suggest you politely decline? Odd though it may sound.

This isn’t because I feel threatened or feel that someone might steal my thunder it’s actually simpler than that. You have after all commissioned a professional wedding photographer to cover the day in a style that you prefer and comfortable that he or she will be in the right place at the right time, and at some point, politely corral the family for the formal photographs.

The snag with the enthusiastic guest is more often than not he will try and get the same shots, be that the bride approaching the church with her father, standing before the alter exchanging vows etc. This will necessitate leaning out from the pews and grabbing an oblique shot, at the same time blocking the professional photographer. This continues during the recessional when half a dozen guests lean out towards the aisle to capture the happy moment on their iPhone or worse still a large iPad. Suffice to say, all I can see is a bright sea of screens before a beaming couple walking arm in arm towards me weaving around all the outstretched arms and what could have been one of the singular key shots of the wedding is much, much weaker.

There are often guests with oversized camera kit and so many shots during the reception include photos of the couple with someone within a few feet with their face obscured by a DSLR camera and lens.

Lenses do not improve the dinner tables decorations and central floral displays and fellow guests tire quickly of the guests that keep getting up and wandering off to get more images.

It’s the professional’s job to capture all these moments, he’s not a formal guest so not socially obliged to converse at dinner or keep leaving a bored spouse as a camera widow. He’s there to take photographs and is ready all day, all the time.

Much better to request all these gadgets are left at home or phones remain in their jackets, to enjoy the day undistracted and be able to spend more time in conversation. You will get MUCH better photographs that capture the true character of the day with the undistracted focus on the couple, guests and family, as of course it should be.

Laura and Andy’s Wedding Photographed at Soho Hotel and the Union Club

Laura and Andy’s wedding preparations took place at the hidden gem – the Soho Hotel and then on to the ceremony and reception which were held at the Union Club in Greek Street a short walk away or in this case an even shorter cab ride away!

The nearby narrow streets of Soho with cafes, graffiti, and offbeat characters (who photobombed the family photographs) made a fantastic and trendy backdrop for photography of the couple once the formal photographs were all completed.

The colourful and eclectic Union Club is a great wedding venue, now 270 years old no less, it is filled with mis-matched pictures and furniture which definitely adds to its Soho charm. The guests enjoyed smoked salmon followed by lamb cutlets – and wedding cake of course.

The evening party was kicked off with Andy (the Groom) as lead singer and electric guitar with the band (The London Riots) to much applause.

All the photographs from the day can be seen here – Soho Hotel and Union Club Wedding Photography and our favourites here – Best Wedding Photographs from Union Club.

Wedding Photography in Soho - London - The couple together Couple at Soho Hotel in black and white Bride and Groom in Taxi on way to Union Club in Soho Bride and groom during wedding ceremony at Union Club Exchanging vows during ceremony at Union Club Photograph of wedding ceremony in London black and white photograph of bride and groom in London street in front of cafe Couple kissing in front of London mural / graffiti Bride and groom kissing on staircase in Union Club Groom making wedding breakfast speach Bride and groom kissing during dancing phase of the day


Wedding Featured on Confetti’s Website

Laura and Andy’s wedding was chosen by Confetti to be covered as a ‘Real Wedding’ story

Screen grab showing Confetti article on their website




Hello! Oh my God we love the photographs!!!! Huge thank you to Douglas he has done an amazing job. We are back tonight. Rome is beautiful, we have taken our wedding clothes and done our own photo shoot here with a selfie stick!! Thank you Laura xx

You and Your Wedding Magazine – Venues Coverage

You and Your Wedding Magazine have been discussing various London wedding venues in the current edition and used quite a number of Douglas Fry’s wedding photographs to illustrate the copy describing the various places –

Chelsea Town Hall / Register Office

Magazine article featuring photography by Douglas Fry


Carlton House Terrace

Photograph of couple on steps of Carlton House Terrace

Why Use A Professional, Documentary Photographer For Your Wedding?

Bridesmaid catching bouquet in Chelsea - black and white wedding photograph

Documentary Wedding Photography

I shoot weddings in a documentary style, that is with the subject being totally unaware they are being photographed. So simply put yet is in fact a very difficult thing to do, and takes many years of practice. My images have strong composition, correct exposure and can focus precisely so as to isolate the subject from his or her background.

Guests with Cameras

I see many guests at weddings with often up to the minute cameras and the latest zoom lenses, but when reviewing the images they have but a sequence of miss timed shots, poor composition and a reliance on automatic exposure, which can only lead to disappointing images. A guest with a camera is not a photographer, just a guest with a camera.

Professional and Experienced Wedding Photographer

As a professional wedding photographer who has had years of experience of shooting weddings, I have the ability to know exactly where to stand when and to catch the fleeting expression coupled with an in-depth knowledge of my cameras functions and these skills should not be underestimated. To be always ready with the correct camera and lens with no fumbling, to know what is about to happen and be standing in the perfect position to catch the moment.

Formal Photographs of the Family

Organising formal photographs of family and friends is a dark art, it is vital to be friendly enough to keep the smiles and laughter, but to have the ability to speed through a seemingly endless list in twenty minutes, getting the important shots for the mantelpiece.

Great Photographs All Day

Lastly, a photographer has to be able to take great photographs all day long, not just snatch a lucky one or two, and with that in mind please have a browse through my intentionally totally complete wedding section. This page highlights every wedding I have shot in the last five years.

Couple photographed in Snow holding blanket

A photographer has to be able to take great photographs all day long, not just snatch a lucky one or two - Douglas, Photographer
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