Adrian’s Stunning Wedding Video Using the New Canon Cameras

This really is a fabulous wedding video and if you are considering video for your day you should definitely spend the next 5 minutes watching Adrian’s handiwork.  This is very different from a standard wedding video as the depth of field is very shallow (just like you see in the cinema).  Listen to the soundtrack too as this has been carefully chosen to work with each scene –

Pippa and Max wedding highlights from Douglas Fry

Creating not a traditional wedding video but an ‘HD FILM’ of your wedding
by Adrian Stone

What I and my team are now able to provide is not a simple video of the day in the traditional sense but a modern ‘film’ this is achieved by professional filming on top quality cameras and careful considered editing making for a beautiful and engaging final piece of footage similar to what we are all accustomed to seeing in the cinema.  The final film will be something, which you and your friends and family will want to watch and enjoy with you time and again.

I have been videoing weddings for over ten years now and enjoy being at a couple’s most important day.  It is still a thrill to watch and listen to the day and find everyone different.  I have been at so many different and interesting locations from just about every London venue to beautiful country weddings and even some abroad.

We recently invested in the best and most exciting cameras on the market.  These new professional Canon cameras which are extremely small allow the videographer to remain almost unnoticed at weddings and therefore able to capture all the key moments as they unfolded without the need for any complicated set up equipment i.e. no wires or lighting.  This makes for fascinating and exciting footage.

Visually the new cameras are able to shoot with a ‘shallow depth of field’ previously unachievable on small hand-held devices.  This creates stunning sequences.

Sound has become a new and interesting area which needed to be improved upon greatly.  When watching many other peoples traditional videos the sound appears strange tonality and poor quality. I have taken great trouble to invest in the best sound recording equipment available so that the videos final footage is pin sharp to listen to.  I spend many hours after the wedding editing not only on cutting and splicing the visual footage but also on the sound to make the video interesting to listen to.  If you watch the showreel above you will see and hear how for example the speeches can be used throughout and alongside music to make for a modern and interesting film, not just a standard wedding video.

I have been working with Canon’s new cameras for six months now and am still thrilled with the results.  We are getting bombarded (shouldn’t complain!) with bookings as no other videographers can offer the quality ‘film’ service which we can.

I want to produce the best and most interesting final film footage possible, and have been fortunate to work with many beautiful brides this year who have been overjoyed with the final results –

“I love the video – its fantastic. I’m so glad we decided on a video – and that Adrian was able to put together such a gorgeous account of the day – without me even realising he was doing it! It’s an amazing account – absolutely amazing.”


Adrian Videography Wedding Video

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