The 6 Best Things about Syon Park for Weddings

Photograph of bride and groom in Syon House

The 6 Best Things about Syon Park for Wedding Photography

As a wedding photographer I shoot at numerous locations across London and the rest of the UK. One of, if not the best location I have found for weddings is Syon Park, with its close proximity to London and Heathrow making for an easy journey home at the end of the day for locals. Here I am going to list for you the five main reasons I particularly like Syon –

1) The Hilton at Syon Park

The bride can get ready nearly in the wedding location as the Hilton at Syon Park as the luxury hotel is so conveniently placed adjacent to Syon Park.   Many guests choose to stay at the hotel.  I often photograph the bridal party getting ready before the wedding, there usually is an air of calm serenity as the bride and bridesmaids have their makeup put on, hair adjusted, and personal gifts exchanged etc. Usually in stark contrast to the more boisterous Ushers lunch which normally involves beer or two and a fish and chip lunch and frequent checking of the wedding schedule prepared by the bride.

Bride getting ready at the Hilton Syon Park

2) The Great Hall

Syon Park has a license for weddings and  these take place in the beautiful Great Hall, or there is an anti room for smaller weddings. As the photographer I need to get the angles and composition provide for numerous elegant shots as you can see in the below image. I cannot roam around the hall so use a selection of lenses to get an attractive variation of ceremony photographs.  The registers are signed in the State Dining Room.

At the end of the wedding ceremony - at Syon House

3) The Long Gallery

It is always a treat to photograph the wedding couple in the Long Gallery with the soft light entering through the windows on one side and it offers a moment of peace before re-joining the wedding party, always welcome.  The long room with big sash windows floods the space with natural light from one side and the art and furniture provide an amazing backdrop for the wedding couple portraits. This is a popular location incidentally for period TV dramas.
Couple together in Long Gallery at Syon House

4) Syon House Exterior

The outside of the house is so different from the inside and the rest of the surrounding buildings. Built in Italian Renaissance style. For any guest not familiar with the layout, there is a quad where most wedding parties gather for the drinks reception and family photographs before heading out to the rear of the building and though a small wooded are before being greeted by a first time view of the huge conservatory.
Bride and groom walking with Syon House behind

5) The Grounds and Gardens

The beautiful and manicured grounds and gardens at Syon, offer so many opportunities for your wedding photographer.  With a walk through the trees to reveal the Great Conservatory for drinks on the lawn in front of this breath-taking building.  The below photograph shows the bridge in the gardens where many couples choose to have a few pictures taken.
Couple standing on bridge at Syon Park

6) The Great Conservatory

The Great Conservatory where the wedding breakfast and dancing takes place is yet another different and spectacular building. The architectural design is a reminder of Kew Gardens glass houses near by. Guests walk in usually by one of the glass side arms of the building, to be met by the cake surrounded by ornamental cacti before continuing on to the main hall and set tables. The amazing lighting affects used in the evening give the photographer so many opportunities for interesting dancing shots or as a backdrop for guests going for an evening stroll around the grounds.
Great Conservatory - lit up at night - during wedding reception

Couple pictured during wedding ceremony at Syon Couple walking through Syon Park on wedding day Guests in conversation in Great Conservatory at Syon Park Guest at Syon Park - Photograph in black and white

The photographs in this post were all from a recent wedding at Syon House and Syon Park

Here you can see the full website of images taken on the day – Beth and Ben at Syon Park .

For more of Douglas Fry’s wedding photography at Syon Park and details about the venue please visit – Douglas Fry Syon Park Venue Page.


Syon Park, Syon House, Chiswick
Hi SamThanks so much for these, they are great! We love them. Thanks, Beth
The huge variety of locations and backdrops at Syon Park makes it one of the best UK venues - Douglas Fry Wedding Photographer

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