Douglas has taken the unusual step of not using flash lighting when photographing winter weddings. There need be no compromises without flash when we use our fastest cameras with most sensitive lenses. A winter wedding lit by candle light can be captured with all the original atmosphere with the available light. The advantages are several.

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Preserving the background and atmosphere

Flash reduces the colour of the subject and darkens the background, resulting in unattractive wedding photographs. Capturing an image without flash preserves all of the background atmosphere and light.

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"Douglas never uses flash and his personal style is unobtrusive, yet charming. This allowed him to blend in with the guests and take photos all the time without people noticing."

Hannah, bride

Wedding Photographs Taken Last Year

Less intrusive, so no distraction

It is FAR less intrusive to take a wedding photograph without flash, than to blast away with eyebrow searing flash at every opportunity. The couple and guests can enjoy their day without distraction, especially important during the ceremony. It allows Douglas as a professional wedding photographer to remain discreet and almost invisible at all times.

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"We wanted photos that were high quality without feeling staged, and Douglas does just that, capturing the day without it feeling intrusive using 'no flash' reportage style."

Emma, bride

Unaware of wedding photographer to capture the moment

The ideal photograph can be captured over several frames as the subject is unaware of the wedding photographer's presence, but if flash is used, the camera shy subject just turns quickly away, and the moment is lost with the guest left feeling uncomfortable.