Photographer of Teenagers

As they grow older, even a camera-shy teenager will come to cherish professional photographs taken at home. In our experience, many teenagers actually surprise themselves by how much they enjoy having their portraits taken by a professional London photographer, especially when they see the results.

As a father of two teenagers himself, Douglas’s strength is making his photoshoots relaxed and fun, generating a warm atmosphere that coaxes even the most reluctant children to appear before his camera to become the stars of the show. With more than 25 years of professional experience at the highest level, Douglas get his shots taken quickly, capturing memorable, original images without ever trying a teenager’s patience.

Before the shoot, please also consider if you’d like some photographs of your teenage children pursuing their hobbies or playing their musical instruments. Teenagers love to share their enthusiasms, and taking some ‘action’ shots really helps to bring out their characters.

I am getting in touch to say a big thank you to Douglas for a fantastic time on Sunday. We were all impressed and delighted by everything that Douglas did and said…even Harriet who had been a little nervous of the idea before the event. So once again, a big thank you and please pass on our thanks to Douglas.

- Nick

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