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For many families a big party, celebration or any other special get together in or outside of London are perfect occasions to use a professional photographer to capture some truly memorable images of the day. Douglas is happy to take formal group shots of families and their friends, and he can use his ‘reportage’ style to blend into the background, taking photographs of smaller groups or individuals, or a combination of both styles. If the light is adequate, he will work without flash, achieving stunning photographic results with his Leica cameras and lenses that allow to take pictures at distances with minimum disturbance of family members and guests.

Douglas has photographed clients at all kinds of parties and celebrations over the years, including christenings, 18th and 21st birthday parties and any other significant number birthday, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs and anniversaries. Clients have full control over the size and scope of the commission, with Douglas more than happy to accommodate their wishes.

Douglas uses the Leica rangefinder camera at family gatherings and parties. It is ideal for reportage shots, being small and discreet, with very fast focus in low light while still producing excellent colour accuracy.

If you would like advice on the best times to take group portraits or shots during speeches, please discuss with us in advance, we are more than happy to help.

Thank you for taking such marvellous photographs of our daughter's party at Leighton House. It was such a special 21st birthday, with a fantastic location, lighting and flowers, as well as all her many friends and family. It is so lovely to have such a wonderful reminder of that incredible evening. Very many thanks again.

- Rose

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