We use two Leica cameras to photograph weddings: the Leica SL for the rare moments during the day that require flash – perhaps the family group shots for example – and for using the incredible Noctilux lens. Then there is the Leica M10, which is the classic rangefinder and ideally suited for discreet documentary/reportage photography which forms the majority of the wedding images.

Our Leica lenses fit both of the hugely over-engineered camera bodies and are superb. Unlike any other lens, Leica’s produce a beautiful cinematic, almost 3D look, which can really set an album apart from the others.

Leica SL - Superb
Quality Camera

Our most recent addition is the Leica SL camera. We selected the new SL because it is so robust. Through ergonomic, clever design the camera is simplicity itself to operate, which is a big plus in fast-moving ‘walking/striding/charging up the aisle’ situations. It is not only its virtual indestructibility that appeals to professionals. It has the highest resolution viewfinder display for easy fine focussing and produces very high resolution files too.

Leica M10 - Near
Silent Shutter

The timeless rangefinder design of the M10 does not extend across the face when the camera is held to the eye, unlike a normal SLR which covers the face. This allows the photographer to blend into the background, be less noticeable and also far less intimidating.

The near silent shutter is another big plus, enabling shots to be taken without drawing attention to the photographer. For example, during the reception or service, where maximum discretion is necessary, guests often have little or no idea that someone is capturing images and do not therefore flinch away. This allows for compelling sets of un-posed, natural images. It helps too that Douglas wears a charcoal grey suit with a tie, which is a simple, effective yet often overlooked way of ‘blending with the guests’.

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"We are delighted with our wedding pictures Douglas took. He has this rare gift of capturing beautiful moments without being noticed himself."

Oliver, groom


Lenses are the most important piece of kit; arguably more important than the camera body. A high-quality lens from Leica produces exceptionally final images. The Leica lenses not only have very fast apertures which are ideal for the darkest winter evenings or candle lit venues, they have higher quality glass, coatings and seals that maximise image contrast, colour accuracy and reliability.

50mm Leica Noctilux Lens

For shooting in very dark situations we use the 50mm Noctilux super low light lens which boasts an aperture of f0.95. What does this mean for couples? The answer is that if their service happens to be in Wells Cathedral or somewhere similar with only a few candles at the front ‘for atmosphere’ then this lens will be able to happily capture the exchange of rings and first kiss. It is a unique lens with sublime properties that other marques can only dream of. No venue is too dark, even in the winter months, using the fastest lenses in production the atmosphere of the day is maintained.

Lenses For Highest Quality Photographs

We regularly use every size of lens in a single shoot, from the 15mm ultra-wide angle to show an entire room or venue, through to the incredible Leica 90mm APO Summicron for delicate pinpoint detail. These lenses produce the highest quality photographs on the market. They really are an amazing technical achievement, providing the ultimate sharpness and yet retain superb clarity and accurate skin tones, making for sublime wedding photographs.

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"Shooting with a Leica M is a joy, small, discreet and of the highest quality available. It takes documentary photography to a new level."

Douglas, Photographer

Leica Cameras
Leica Lenses


After the wedding day many hours are spent, and specialist software employed to process the RAW files. This produces the fantastic final colour corrected images for the couple.

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All our client images are backed up daily, twice over, and are stored in two separate distant locations, on three 24TB servers. This is vitally important for the safety of digital data.